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Quicken Willmaker Plus 2013

Quicken Willmaker Plus 2013

Create your will quickly and easily
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Product Information

This easy-to-use software provides the legal forms you need to create an effective estate plan that's valid in your state*.
For each document of your comprehensive estate plan, Quicken WillMaker Plus guides you through a series of interview screens. If you have any questions about your document, simply glance over at the onscreen legal guide or navigate to the comprehensive legal manual. Expert tech support is also available, so you'll always have the help you need.

Simply launch Quicken WillMaker Plus to create the following legal documents:
  • Will.
  • Financial Powers of Attorney.
  • Health Care Directive, including a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney.
  • Final Arrangements Documents.
  • Important Documents for Executors.
  • Information for Caregivers and Survivors.
  • Personal Finance Documents.

The software also provides practical forms you can use every day to help run your home and keep your family safe, including authorizations and agreements, promissory notes, and child and elder care forms. Help protect your family and your assets, and save on legal fees with these easy-to-use legal forms.

PLUS! When you install your software, you'll get access to create a living trust using Nolo's Online Living Trust, a $169.99 value, at no cost! And as a special bonus, you'll get a downloadable, free copy of the Nolo bestseller, 101 Law Forms for Personal Use , a $29.99 value, when you register your software.

Need to know more? Here are in-depth details about what you can do with Quicken WillMaker Plus:

Your Will
The heart of every estate plan is the will, also known as the last will and testament. This legal document puts you in control of who inherits your property -- not the state! Provide for your family, friends, and your favorite charities by leaving them your personal property. You'll also have the opportunity to name a personal guardian to care for your young children. You can specify the executor (or "personal representative") of your estate, whose job it is to see that your wishes are fulfilled. And, you can appoint a trusted person to manage property left to young people. With Quicken WillMaker Plus 2013, you can revise and update your will whenever you like.

Your Health Care Directive lets people who care for you make important decisions about your life and health when you're unable to do so. Spare your loved ones difficult decisions by laying out your wishes for medical care in case there's ever a time when you can't speak for yourself. Create a:
  • Health Care Power of Attorney Permit a loved one to make important medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself and name the doctor you'd like to oversee your care.
  • Living Will Specify whether you want your life prolonged through artificial means in certain circumstances, make clear-headed decisions about specific medical treatments and procedures, authorize organ and tissue donation if you so desire, and appoint someone to make sure your wishes are carried out.

Your Financial Power of Attorney
Name someone you trust to make financial decisions for you in the event that you are unable to do so for yourself. Don't worry, you can grant as much authority as you wish by creating a Limited Power of Attorney for a specific task or time period, or a Durable Power of Attorney for ongoing help with your finances.

Your Final Arrangements
Plan a funeral or other ceremony and ease the burden on your loved ones. Describe your preferences for burial, cremation, memorials, obituaries, and more. Plus, select someone to oversee your final arrangements.

Documents for Your Executor
Make sure your executor (or "personal representative" in some states) has all the forms and instructions he or she needs to do the job: Checklists, letters, notices, claim forms -- and more.

Information for Caregivers and Survivors
Organize your estate so that your survivors don't have to. Use these documents to give them information about everything from bank accounts to the names of people you'd like contacted in the event of your illness or death.

Personal Finance Documents
Over a dozen forms that let you handle financial situations you might face on any given day, such as lending or borrowing money between friends or family, creating bills of sale, ending a credit card account -- and more!

Home & Family Documents
Whether you need to authorize someone to travel with your child to another country, want to lend your car to a friend, or create an agreement with a trusted person to take care of your elderly parent, Quicken WillMaker Plus has the legal forms to help you handle all these family situations -- and many more!

*Estate planning documents not valid in Louisiana or U.S. Territories.


Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7. Computer: Pentium 400 MHz. Memory: 512 MB RAM. Hard Disk Space: 22 MB (24 MB to install). Monitor: 1024 x 768 with 16-bit color. CD-ROM Drive: 2x speed. Internet Connection: 56 Kbps modem required to access online features. Printer: Any printer supported by Windows XP/Vista/ 7. Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher; Adobe Reader (optional); spreadsheet program (optional).