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PaperPort 14

PaperPort 14

Transform and organize important documents into PDF.
Retail Box - Windows -  $99.99 

Product Information

Scan, organize, find, and share all of your documents and photos from your PC.

Use PaperPort 14 to:

  • Reduce paper clutter all over the house
  • Empty desk drawers and get rid of bulky file cabinets
  • Scan, view, edit, and share PDF files quickly and easily
  • Find documents on the fly
  • Organize and manage all types of documents

Get more organized
Quickly transform paper mail, photos, legal paperwork, tax information, forms, bills, receipts warranties, and other important documents into high-quality, searchable PDF files with the click of a button. PaperPort even puts all the PDF files on your computer in clearly marked, color-coded folders, so information is always easy to find. PaperPort 14 includes free applications for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices plus a free PaperPort Anywhere account to access your most important documents anywhere.

Become an expert in no time flat
PaperPort reduces the complexity of scanning to a single push of button. Set-up a breeze, and once start, you will quickly have all your documents stored and accessible in one easy-to-use application.

Go green
Reduce waste and conserve energy by putting an end to your reliance on printing, faxing, and mailing. You'll save money, too!

Gain true peace of mind
Improve document management processes with PaperPort. Once you file a document in PaperPort, you can rest assured it will never be lost, damaged, or accidently thrown away.

Get more done faster
PaperPort 14 includes a powerful PDF Viewer that replaces the free Adobe®Reader®, so you can view, edit, and share PDF documents like never before.

Find information instantly
Now you can create searchable digital PDFs from digital files and scanned paper documents. Then, to quickly locate a specific file, simply enter keywords or phrases into a desktop search.

Clean up and enhance digital photos
Scanning pictures is just the first step. PaperPort helps make your digital photos look better than ever with a feature-rich set of photo tools and optimal resolution for screen and print.

Convert paper into text
PaperPort converts paper to text in one, easy step. Just drag and drop a scanned document onto any text application in the PaperPort "Send-to" bar to create editable text for instant use in word processing or spreadsheet software.

Fill out forms quickly, neatly
FormTyper® converts scanned paper forms into electronic forms you can fill out, save as PDF, and email. It's fast, easy, and automatic.

Works with any scanner
Make your all-in-one printer, mobile scanner, or desktop scanner faster and easier to use with PaperPort 14. Get better results, too.

PaperPort Anywhere

PaperPort Anywhere: Welcome to the Cloud
PaperPort Anywhere connects your PaperPort 14 desktop on the PC to the cloud so you get automatic access to your most important folders, files, documents, and photos via any device, including Mac or PC.

Anytime-Anywhere on Mobile Devices
With free applications for today's most popular mobile devices, you can browse, search, view, download, and upload documents to PaperPort Anywhere using your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Maximum Security. Maximum Peace of Mind.
With security features such as full encryption of documents in transit, state-of-the-art intrusion detection, and privacy certification, you can rest assured your documents, files, and personal information are protected.


Intel® Pentium® compatible, 1 GB RAM 700 MB free hard disk space for application files and installation 1024x768 resolution display with 16 bit (High Color) or better Windows® compatible pointing device Supported Operating Systems Windows® XP 32-bit SP3 Windows Vista® 32-bit and 64-bit with SP2 or higher Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit Supported Web Browsers (Favorites and PDF Viewer) Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 3, 4 and 5.5 Chrome 4, 9 (versioning changed) DVD-ROM drive (required for installation) PaperPort Anywhere, Nuance Cloud Connector, Online Activation, Registration and Live Update Internet connection and web access necessary PaperPort Anywhere includes 1GB of storage. Terms subject to change. Visit for details. Note: Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory, and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large color PDF files.